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Recent publications across all six ISSDP Grey Literature Bibliography Categories are held here for one month. They will then be located in specific categories in the main Bibliography to be replaced by more recent research.



The Global Drug Survey 2014 findings (April 2014)
Reflections on the results of the world’s biggest ever drug survey by Dr Adam Winstock
New Zealand Practice Guidelines for Opioid Substitution Treatment 2014 (April 2014)
This document contains practical and evidence-based advice for clinicians on best practice for the clinical assessment and treatment of clients with opioid dependence (Ministry of Health, New Zealand)
New Psychoactive Drugs: No Easy Answer (April 2014)
This edition of Policy Talk reviews current knowledge of new psychoactive substances, a category of substances that is challenging government controls across the world, and compares how health authorities are responding to the challenges, with special reference to Australia and New Zealand (ADF)
Crime and the Depenalization of Cannabis Possession (April 2014)
Evidence from a Policing Experiment (IZA)
Early Findings from National Online Survey of Novel Psychoactives
The national online survey of novel psychoactive drugs being carried out by the Centre for Drug Misuse Research launched in March 2014 (CDMR)
Study on the prevalence of drug use, including intravenous drug use, and blood-borne viruses among the Irish prisoner population (April 2014)
An observational cross-sectional study, targeting all prisons and prisoners in Ireland, carried out in early 2011(NACD Research Advisory Group, Ireland)
Drug Use Among the Prisoner Population in Ireland (April 2014)
New study on drug use in Irish prisons shows improvement in treatment provision and support services for prisoners (NACDA)
Limit spread of blood-borne viruses among steroid users (April 2014)
This includes ensuring easy access for those who inject image and performance enhancing drugs to voluntary confidential testing services for HIV and hepatitis and vaccination against hepatitis B, as well as to appropriate sterile injecting equipment through needle and syringe programmes.” (NICE)
Guidelines for the screening, care and treatment of persons with hepatitis c infection (April 2014)
These are the first guidelines dealing with hepatitis C treatment produced by the World Health Organization (WHO) and complement existing guidance on the prevention of transmission of bloodborne viruses, including HCV (WHO)
The levels of use of opioids, amphetamines and cocaine and associated levels of harm: summary of scientific evidence (April 2014)
This report presents the findings of a literature review to identify the most frequently occurring patterns of use and their relation to harm in users of opioids, powder and crack cocaine, and meth/amphetamine (EMCDDA)
Drug use in Ireland Bulletin 4 and Northern Ireland (April 2014)
2010/11 Drug Prevalence Survey: Cocaine Results (National Advisory Committee on Drugs and Alcohol)
Drug-related infections (April 2014)
EMCDDA and ECDC facilitate sub-regional exchange of knowledge and best practice in monitoring and preventing drug-related infections
Australian threshold quantities for ‘drug trafficking’ (April 2014)
Are they placing drug users at risk of unjustified sanction? (Australian Institute of Criminology)
National Drugs Strategy 2009-16 (April 2014)
The National Drugs Strategy is a cross cutting area of public policy and service delivery, which is based on a coordinated approach across many Government Departments and Agencies in conjunction with the Community and Voluntary Sector (DoH Ireland)
Opioid Auto-Injector Can Help Prevent Overdose Deaths (April 2014)
The Food and Drug Administration has made an important advance in helping to save lives when overdoses from drugs known as opioids occur: the approval of a drug that can actually reverse that overdose (FDA)
Synthetic Cannabinoids in Canada (April 2014)
Synthetic cannabinoids (SCs) are a large and diverse group of chemicals or substances. Some have psychoactive properties and in the last five years have been marketed for recreational use as legal alternatives to cannabis (CCSA, Canada)
America’s New Drug Policy Landscape (April 2014)
Two-Thirds Favor Treatment, Not Jail, for Use of Heroin, Cocaine (Pew Research)
The changing nature of “ecstasy” (April 2014)
Global SMART Update (UNODC)
FDA approves new hand-held auto-injector to reverse opioid overdose (April 2014)
First naloxone treatment specifically designed to be given by family members or caregivers (FDA)
Drugs: Stronger powers to seize drug cutting agents (April 2014)
The Home Office will enhance legislation allowing law enforcement agencies to enter and search premises and seize so-called cutting agents (Governemnt, UK)
Drug Driving - Summary of Responses to the 2 Consultation (March 2014)
Specifying the drugs and their corresponding limits for inclusion in regulations for the new offence of driving with a specified drug in the body above a specified limit (Government, UK)
Pathways to employment (March 2014)
Education, training and employment support (ETE) is a priority for most effective services as part of a whole person approach to enabling people to start and maintain the process of recovery from substance misuse or dependency (London Drug and Alcohol Network)
Analysis of Deaths occurring in 2012 (March 2014)
The 479 cases analysed in this report are a subset of the 581 drug-related deaths already published by National Records Scotland (NRS) in August 2013 (NHS Scotland)
National forum on drug-related deaths in Scotland (March 2014)
This is the sixth report of the Forum and reflects on the important work done by the members and their associated organisation in 2013 (SFAD)
The illicit drug trade through South-Eastern Europe (March 2014)
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