the International Society for the Study of Drug Policy (ISSDP)

Eighth Annual Conference of the ISSDP will be held in Rome on 21-23 May 2014

We are delighted that the 2014 ISSDP conference will be held in Rome, Italy. Last year we were in Colombia, South America, which provided an opportunity for many of us to learn more about producer countries. In 2014 we will be Europe, where state-of-the-art monitoring and epidemiology, along with innovative treatment, law enforcement and prevention approaches are all on display.

I warmly welcome you to Rome, where the conference will provide a rich programme of world-class drug policy research from across the globe.

Further details about the conference are available at :

Alison Ritter, President, ISSDP

Scholarships to support participation by doctoral students and scholars from developing countries are available. Details are at

This year, thanks to generous support from the Open Society Foundation,12 Asian scholarships are also available. Details are at:


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